Walking & Hiking in Comino

It’s incredible how a mere 3.5 sq. kilometer island may offer such pleasant walking and hiking opportunities. For years, Comino has been the choice venue for film-makers, poets and hikers alike.​

Your trip to Comino will start from either Mistra Bay or any other pickup point (upon request), which will take you there. The trip to Comino will generally last around 30 minutes and is extremely charming, with the Blue Lagoon being a convenient and common arrival point.


Once you walk beyond the Blue Lagoon a rocky passage way will lead you to a scenic vantage point from which most of the island of Comino will be visible. Here you’ll spot several winding passage ways which spiral back to the sea, yet walking further will present some breathtaking views of jagged limestone cliffs. Consider this as your departure point and aim for a full circular walk around Comino.

The island is essentially not populated which means that you won’t see any vehicles or other polluting artifacts. This presents a great leisurely walking opportunity lasting around four hours.